MMF 2019 Review: Boondoggle

 This curiously titled show is performed by father daughter duo Nick Nickolas and Ruby T. A mix of families and adults gathered in the Secret Room to enjoy a magic show that was rich with stories, many card miracles and some superb mind reading by ‘Australia’s youngest mind reader’ Ruby T.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this show! Nick is an expert storyteller and the dynamic between himself and Ruby T provided much of the comedy for the evening. The show itself was a glorious mix of magic, stories, curiosity and comedy in perfect balance and I enjoyed every minute. I’m hesitant to spoil exactly what happened during the show, however I can say there was an incredible piece of magic that left the room focused in silence – you could have heard a pin drop – and a fun mind reading segment by Ruby T which was a feat in itself. While some mind reading routines can be dry, Ruby T managed to entertain and impress the audience at the one time – which isn’t always an easy task when the audience has all their eyes on you.

‘Boondoggle’ had a depth that I haven’t seen regularly in other shows, with Nick discussing the mathematical Fibonacci sequence and how that is intertwined in the universe and nature, while Ruby T provided some entertaining mime sequences (ensuring the pieces didn’t get too serious!) It’s a curious, cheerful, impressive show that will leave you wanting more.

VERDICT: completely captivating from start to finish, Boondoggle with bamboozle you with magic and fun moments.

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