A little bit of a…life update!

Hello readers, just wanted to open with a little thank you to those regular readers / those who pop by to read my posts and also a quick welcome to any new readers *waves* . From time to time here, you may see some slightly different content on this blog:
– the occasional personal piece / observation or life update
– some continued performer interviews (which appear to remain popular / are continually requested by producers and performers)

I’m excited to announce that in addition to the above, from time to time a “family focus” piece may appear here…that is, a review of a show or experience that may be toddler / child focused. Rest assured, the greater balance of reviews will still be skewed towards adult / 15+ shows with a keen eye on magic (of course!). If you don’t have special youngsters in your life (or can’t pass the relevant show review past a parent or caregiver) then feel free to breeze past those particular reviews. Around Melbourne Magic Festival time, I do have the opportunity to see more ‘family friendly’ shows, however this note specifically relates to child focused shows / experiences / classes happening outside of festivals. At this stage, I do not intend to create a separate review entity or blog for family focused content.

I also thought I’d take a moment to mention a current delay with reviews in March, which should be resolved by the end of the month! My attention this month has been taken up with some heavy family obligations within my wider family, plus a slew of ongoing dental work – yay!*

I thank everyone for their patience – both in terms of review posts and lags in correspondence times – and look forward to writing more for you all soon. Cheers, Tay.

*This point is only partially sarcastic: I have some truly wonderful dental professionals who help me take care of my teeth, and I have no fear of the dentist / generally enjoy my visits however I’ll admit that the most recent round of work I’ve had done has been especially painful (for both my mouth and hip pocket). *cue sad face*