Family Focus Review: Miss Green’s Music Class (hosted by True Fairies)

The beautiful entrance of ‘The fairy house’ (as I call it!)

For those unaware, in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne lies a very magical hub / house of classes and activities run by True Fairies. Among the many fairy parties (and other magical creatures like mermaids and wizards) hosted on the weekends (and midweek for the smallest of fairies), True Fairies have captured the attention of many families in the area by offering classes / experiences in all kinds of fairy activities and other early learning activities. Think music, yoga, dance, nature play, craft time and even fairy tea (my inner child is totally jealous!) Most of these experiences are aimed at 2-5 year olds, however some (like the music class) accept up to 6 year olds / have a wider age range.

The lovely and happy Miss Green, in front of the activity table in the fairy house (the music class takes place on the floor in front of this table in the same room)

My toddler, A, turns 2 in June and we did experience a music for babies session at the same venue when she was under one. I know my little one enjoys music so for Term 1 this year I decided to enrol A into Miss Green’s music class, which runs on Wednesday and/or Friday mornings. Miss Green herself always takes time at the start of the class to greet each of her little students, often kneeling down to their level. She also ensures that her hair looks the same (and is a magnificent shade of green) so that all her little students will come to know her over time / so it is less confusing for them. Miss Green has a welcoming presence, a gentle personality and a calm, happy nature. Miss Green takes time to interact with the class, and comments on students’ activity levels. With quieter students, Miss Green often sends them shy smiles and thanks them for helping to pack away musical items. Each student is able to participate as much or as little as they want to during the class, and each departs the class with a smile and a special memento from Miss Green.

While A doesn’t exactly launch herself into the room each week, she has come to know why we visit that room (and Miss Green) and by the end of the class she’s often on her feet and smiling / looking relaxed and happy. With most of term 1 now finished, I’ll definitely be enrolling A for term 2 of Miss Green’s music class.

There are many things that A and I enjoy about this class, but the standout benefits / highlights are:

there’s no pressure to participate! Little ones are encouraged to participate as little or as much as they feel. Musical items are handed out for little ones to enjoy, however there’s no pressure to stand and dance or do actions during a song. Often, A will sit in my lap and shake a shaker or occasionally move her tambourine. At other times, I’ll be madly shaking the tambourine for her.

The class sizes are small and capped at 10 participants. Most weeks, there are an average of 8 children in the class (each accompanied by a caregiver of course) which is a perfect amount of people for the room the class is held in. It doesn’t feel crowded / like too many people are crammed in the one space.

While A isn’t currently in daycare it’s a great outlet for her to interact with and see her peers. Many of the attendees appear to be between 1.5 and 4 years old in our class, though the average age of class attendees will vary per class. For children not in structured daycare, this class is a fantastic opportunity for children to interact with their peers and enjoy an activity together. Also gets caregivers out of the house too!

For those in daycare, this is a good outing to break up a day at home / an opportunity to hone in on an activity that daycare may not cover / may not have time for.

It’s cost effective at $15 per class as a casual attendee or a term of 10 classes for $100. I’m sure everyone is currently feeling the pinch of the economy, between soaring interest rates and our dollar providing way less value at supermarkets (not to mention the current price of nappies and baby supplies!!) Prior to commencing this class, I researched other local music based offerings and many of the classes had an average cost at $20 to $25 per class with some requesting that caregivers purchase an instrument set to use in the class (or even a t-shirt / class outfit etc). So if you’d after a cost effective local activity in the East, then True Fairies have you covered. In fact, many of True Fairies’ toddler classes are priced around $15 per class / $150 a term which is great value for our family outing budget.

In addition to all of the above, the True Fairies’ house (Moonlight Manor) is set in the Wyreena Community Arts Centre, which also includes a playground and a cafe. Having a place for coffee nearby is a must for me, and A simply won’t let us leave the area after music class with a quick (or not so quick) visit to the playground.

For further information (and a full calendar of children’s class offerings) check out the True Fairies website.
With term 2 commencing in late April (after Easter), if you’re thinking about a new activity for your little one next term now’s the time to start considering your options. I wouldn’t hesitate to book A in for next term’s music class (or any other class run by True Fairies that may take her interest in the coming years)

True Fairies also offer School Holiday activities for primary school aged children (aged 5 – 13 years), especially catering to those who’d love to be a wizard / witch and attend wizarding school! How exciting! Check out all the details here.


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