Auslusion magic show performed by Scott Stunz and Jace Wonders

I was very excited to see a magic show from Adelaide magicians Scott Stunz and Jace Wonders. I will confess that I’ve never visited Adelaide so I was curious to see what delights the magicians had in store for their Melbourne audience.

Appearing on stage together in suits (rocking the ‘classic magician’ look), Stunz and Wonders commenced with a (magical) toast to the audience – a friendly and welcoming way to start the show.

Throughout the show, Stunz and Wonders performed many feats of amazing magic, all accompanied with some high entertaining facial expressions and their brand of comedic wit. Audience participation was a bit hit during this show, with Stunz and Wonders regularly asking audience members to assist them. Stunz and Wonders are so affable and good natured to their volunteers, that they never had a shortage of people willing to assist them. In fact, the audience seemed to be having as much fun as I was during this show, as I regularly heard roars of laughter interspersed with gasps of amazement and cries of “How’d he do that?!” during the show.

Stunz and Wonders are a couple of charming characters, mystifying and entertaining the audience with feats of magic, comedy and wit.┬áTheir show featured many surprising pieces of magic, all weaved with with Auslusion’s penchant for comedy (and some top notch comedic timing!). There are nods to classic magic, and certainly elements you’d expect in a magic show (magic with cards, mysterious predictions) however this show is greater than the pieces of magic. My favourite segments of the show were the predictions as they were done with flair unmatched by any others I’d seen before. Their predictions left me genuinely surprised and astounded!

Stunz and Wonders live up to their names – they had the audience spellbound one moment and in awe the next! Wonderously magical and witty. Auslusion provide a thoroughly entertaining and magical experience for all the family. I highly encourage you to book tickets for their next show or to find out when they’re next showing in your city before they vanish!

VERDICT: Can’t recommend their show enough – I had the best night out I’ve had in weeks! It’s a bonus that their show is suitable for families, so everyone can enjoy a fantastic night out and share in the magic together.

This show is currently at Speakeasy HQ in Melbourne.

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