Review: The Lucy Darling Holiday Special “Home for the Holidays”

There’s clearly no stopping Lucy Darling (performed by Carisa Hendrix). Despite the challenges that this year has brought to us all, Lucy Darling and her ‘household managers’ Marci and Lawrence (performed by Miranda Allen and Richard Lee respectively) continue to enchant and entertain audience members from across the globe via their online shows. Their most recent offering “Home for the Holidays” – a holiday special – is the third performance I have seen from Lucy, Marci and Lawrence this year and it was as entertaining as ever!

For those of you who have been lucky enough to be enchanted by Lucy Darling in person (or have perhaps seen one of her earlier online shows), there is a sense of what to expect, however I felt this show took everything to the ‘next level’ – it was as though everything had been enhanced, just in time for the holidays. The storyline of Lucy’s latest adventure included enhanced details, stories and of course superb magic. Moments of magic during the show regularly took me by surprise, so if you think you’ve seen it all: think again! Marci and Lawrence are not immune to the enhancements either – they are their usual smiley, helpful and witty selves, however they also show off some incredibly synchronized dance moves which I was particularly impressed by.

“Home for the Holidays” is a fun, charming and enchanting way to celebrate this season (while in the comfort of your own home), with Lucy Darling at the helm – which means pour the cocktails and hold on tight for some stunning magical escapades. Many of my favourite show ‘segments’ returned for this show (with a holiday twist, of course) which just increased my enjoyment of the whole show. Special guests also made appearances which made this show all the more unique.

Pro tip: presuming you are a Lucy Darling fan (and if you are not, then I urge you to re-assess your life choices) – if there’s a VIP ticket option for the show (or future shows), then I highly encourage and recommend you to take that option. Not only are VIP’s able to virtually mingle after the show for a Q and A session with the stars, but VIP ticket holders are also sent gifts in a digital format. If that format is offered again, then again I do recommend that you take that option – it is worth it!

VERDICT: The perfect holiday treat, especially as people around the world are dealing with different holiday scenarios / conditions this year. Let Lucy Darling and her wonderous magic and comedy be a beacon for happier times: treat yourself to Lucy Darling’s holiday special while you can.

Other notes: The Lucy Darling “Home for the Holidays” special was intended to be a limited run of two shows only, however Lucy has kindly offered a rebroadcast of the show for those who missed out. The rebroadcast will take place on December 24th, and tickets / further information can be accessed via this website:

*Disclaimer: I attended this show as a guest of Lucy Darling.