Review: A Fun Night In with Lucy Darling

If you’ve previously read my reviews (or not!) you may be familiar with a personal rule that I have concerning the amazing talented, magical character that is Lucy Darling (performed by Carisa Hendrix): I always try to see each of Lucy’s performances twice. There are usually many reasons for this, but the main reasons being that Lucy is a champion of continuous improvement – she continually makes tweaks to portions of her show; and the audience member interactions change all the time – every show of hers is a chance anew for fun banter with the audience.

A number of weeks ago I saw one of Lucy Darling’s first sets of online shows. If you didn’t catch that review, it is here). As you may expect, I have returned for another serving, and once again Lucy Darling blew away all of my expectations (as she often does). ‘A Fun Night In with Lucy Darling’ is an interactive online show full of magic and a variety of unexpected surprises. For those who have seen her earlier shows, this show includes some unmistakeable enhancements.

Personal highlights: too many routines and magical moments to list! Each one of Lucy’s shows is filled to the brim with highlights. In terms of the wit and comedy, I almost had to mute myself because I was laughing so much during the show. Like many of us, Lucy has (recently?) taken up a special hobby and demonstrates this during her show – prompting many laughs and much enjoyment for the audience. Lucy’s charming and comedic house managers / butlers, Marcy and Laurence returned for this show series, which pleased me greatly. Their facial expressions and witty comments bring extra dimensions to the performance. This show also featured the return of the ‘Caption Contest’. Lucy does not lie when she mentions that audience members return for that segment (well that and to see the divine Lucy herself of course!) One aspect I particularly liked was the variety of ‘cut in’ scenes during the show. Yes, the ‘cut in’ scenes were pre recorded but they helped to add variety and bring some extra elements into the show. The audience were treated to a plethora of magic and curious effects throughout the entire show, which is an enhancement in itself as it felt like ‘a magic show plus more’. There’s even an unmissable montage at the end of the show too which I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed. My eyes were shining with happiness during the final montage.

Suffice to say, if you haven’t had the online pleasure of a Lucy Darling show NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! Do not delay, buy a ticket today!!!! I was grinning like the Cheshire Cat all throughout ‘A Fun Night In with Lucy Darling’ and it can’t get much better than that. If you have seen one of Lucy’s shows before (even if that was in her previous show run) there is still plenty of magical, fun moments for you to enjoy in this show too.

VERDICT: Lucy Darling has outdone herself again! ‘A Fun Night In with Lucy Darling’ is filled with surprises from start to finish and has MORE of everything: more flourishes, more astonishment, more hilarity.

Lucy Darling has a very short online season of magic shows. Tickets and more information:

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