Review: Lucy Darling @home

The dazzling Lucy Darling (performed by Carisa Hendrix) is ever the travelling magical socialite, however with the changing global conditions comes her new interactive online show “Lucy Darling @home”. Delivering every bit of Lucy’s delicious wit, wonderful magic and sparkling humour directly into your very own home, this show is simply a treat and was the shining highlight of my week. This show contains Lucy’s trademark flair with magic (especially cocktail magic) plus some fun comedy segments that featured audience interaction / participation. I do not want to give too much away – you must simply watch this show for yourselves! The audience interaction segments made me laugh the most and enhanced the audience’s connection with the show. In a time where connections via technology can seem distant or remote at times, I felt that wasn’t the case here. Audience members were encouraged to dress up for the show and they did not disappoint, with some very polished and stylish outfits on display (along with some curious props and accessories).

“Lucy Darling @home” also features Lucy’s household managers (butlers?)  – Laurance and Marcy – who are amusing and entertaining themselves / as a duo without taking too much attention away from Lucy. I particularly enjoyed the dancing and their facial expressions. Laurance and Marcy are constantly helpful but also have some lashings of sass / personality themselves which I enjoyed.

For those who have seen Lucy Darling’s performances before, this show includes some surprises and enhancements that you may not have seen. As with much of Lucy’s performances, each incorporate some bespoke tweaks making each performance unique and that has not wavered with this show. Over time I have been blessed to see a few of Lucy Darling’s shows, and one of her consistent strengths is enthralling storytelling. This strength does not waver an inch during this show, throughout its segments with the storytelling building to an impressive finale. Even with a slightly different performance medium / format, Lucy Darling persistently leaves her audience with great memories – which are undoubtedly all the more cherished during these uncertain times.

VERDICT: highly recommended for a very magical, entertaining and comical interlude to the current uncertain times. Be sure to (virtually) invite Lucy Darling into your home for refreshing hour of fun, magical entertainment.

A special thank you to Lucy Darling (and Carisa Hendrix) for developing and creating this virtual show so that your fans can still see you even though many are not able to leave their homes to see live entertainment.

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