Review: “WHAT TO DO? – The Virtual Magic Experience”

One of the more pleasant side effects of being in lockdown is the plethora of online magic shows that seem to appear each week. Recently, I attended “WHAT TO DO? – The Virtual Magic Experience” performed and presented by local Melbourne magician Braydon Barry (of BJT Entertainment). “WHAT TO DO?” indeed is a catch cry of the current times when people can’t visit their usual places for entertainment, and for some, boredom has already set in. Braydon often performs street magic and regularly performs at local markets (back when we could attend markets) so I was keen to see the magical surprises he had in store for his virtual audience. Looking dapper in his suit and with a whimsical home made backdrop, Braydon welcomed everyone to the show with some juggling and some jokes.

This magic show contained many of the kinds of props you’d expect to see in a magic show: with cards, rubber bands and linking rings all making an appearance (along with the juggling balls making several appearances). A personal highlight was a card prediction routine that I was asked to assist in that truly had me wondering “how does he do it?!” Let me assure you that the magic that is witnessed on a screen does not diminish the amazement that it carries and conjures for the audience! Braydon also performed a special silent routine during the show which was clever and poignant in equal measures.

Fun banter carried throughout this family show, keeping the audience interaction fun and the laughs rolling. Braydon handled all audience comments well, and was especially patient and welcoming of comments from the children in the audience. Braydon’s performance of some sharpie (marker) magic for the children in the audience was another personal highlight, and it created much laughter and exclamation from the youngest audience members. Like many shows, there was a bit a of mayhem and chaos amongst the magic however it was all in good fun.

With many activities now taking place online (from office meetings and gym sessions to magical entertainment), online meeting platforms aren’t without their perils and this show was not immune to those, however the disruptions were very minor and did not impede the magic (or the enjoyment of the magic).

VERDICT: A fun show to sit back and enjoy with your family, featuring light hearted and fun content with a few surprises mixed in for good measure. Braydon has so much magic to share that you’ll wonder how an hour can fly past in seemingly no time!

More information: I’m not sure if Braydon has more shows planned, however he is active on socials, so please click the link below for more information.

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