Performer spotlight: My Cousin Vlad

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My Cousin Vlad is not your average cousin….in fact I strongly suspect he’s not your average anything. Average probably isn’t even in his vocabulary! My Cousin Vlad is Australia’s 1st self-proclaimed “Official Immaculagent”, blending everyday observations and situations (think business trends, social trends, international news, family politics) with an unmatched and unique European / wog cultural flair. Not to be outdone by this modern life, he’s also a champion of the quick witted sketch and has impressive TikTok stats of 3 million views and 17k fans and followers.

My Cousin Vlad has been compared to the likes of Sooshi Mango, Sebastian Maniscalco, Guido Hatsis, The 12thMan & SuperWog….all that sounds like his audiences are in for such a treat and an evening of big belly laughs (hopefully followed by some shots of grappa!)

With a sellout tour “People Are Gonna Lose It” tour in 2021, My Cousin Vlad is back in his tailored suit and his trademark sunnies and is bolder than ever with his 2022 tour “People Have Lost It”. Dust off your ‘going out clothes’ and shine those cars, because it’s set to be a night of fun.

Tay Around Town was very lucky to spot My Cousin Vlad cruising by in his Audi, and he was nice enough to pull over and pause for a quick interview.

1. Describe your show in 3 words: Vorsprung Durch Technik  

2. Hey cousin Vlad, let’s get to know you a little better…imagine you’re on a speed date / out to impress the opposite sex – describe yourself! I’m shredded, tanned beyond belief, moisterized (sic), dressed like Hugh Grant from 4 Weddings and a Funeral, hair flickering like Barbara Streisand, I’m wearing socks & I pulled up in an Audi. Yes or Yes?

3. Given the last few years have been less than ‘fully sick’ (pun intended) what can audiences expect in ‘People Have Lost It’? If the past 2 years didn’t test you enough, prepare to lose it at the show. We take a deep dive into the wog metaverse (Fetaverse), cover whats happening on social media, cultural trends, view the sites of dating, marriage and having kids. Regular life, but through an immaculate perception. 

4. Care to share what inspires you (of course you are an inspiration to others)? Any advice for those starting out in comedy? The Vladiators inspire me, everyone that’s taken onboard the Immaculagent lifestyle, and cash, cash inspires me, because you need to wrap, nothings free. Advice for people starting in comedy? Bro, I’m a real estate agent, these shows are seminars and I don’t know why people are laughing, I’m just here speaking the truth. If you want to be really funny, start doing motivational videos on Instagram and TikTok with Coldplay music in the background. 

5. Without giving too much of your show away, what has made you ‘lose it’ recently? (I know, there may be too many items to list!!) Bro, look around, the world is in a state of catastropha, hashtag #grateful. Not much is frustrating except being locked in your house with the Mrs Pty Ltd and the kids for 5 months, wearing a mask to bed, begging people to come to work, listening to Elon Musk talking about putting a chip in your head & Bill Gates installing a USB in your arm. Hashtag #gratefulagain

Tay here. *insert mind blown emoji* I don’t know about you but that has been the most exciting interview I’ve experienced so far! My Cousin Vlad is very intriguing so I’ll definitely be getting tickets to his upcoming show ‘seminar’.

If all this has excited you as it has excited me, My Cousin Vlad will be appearing for one night only in Melbourne – March 25th at the Athenaeum Theatre before hitting Adelaide, Canberra, Wollongong and Newcastle. “People Have Lost It” has also been confirmed as part of the Perth and Sydney Comedy Festivals in May.

Tickets and more information can be found via My Cousin Vlad’s shiny website

View My Cousin Vlad’s sketches here

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Announcement: Tay is back in town!

Hello readers! It has a been a while. Hope you have all been keeping safe and well. You may recall (or may not realise!) that over the past year I took a hiatus while my partner and I welcomed our first child – a beautiful baby girl. I’m pleased to report that shortly I’ll be recommencing my reviewing duties, which I’m very excited about. I anticipate a slow start – I will not be up to my usual ‘triple stacking of shows per night’ (hahaha!) during festival times so will be reviewing at a slower pace. I appreciate your understanding during this time.

That said, I do have some exciting shows to review for you all PLUS some performer spotlights (interviews) to pique your interest. I’m excited about this as I haven’t had a chance to feature many short performer interviews in the past due to time constraints. I hope the performer interviews will add some interest for you all too, as well as being fun to read.

As usual, I’ll be reviewing a mix of shows (both festival based and stand alone shows) from all kinds of genres and performance styles. With the Melbourne International Comedy Festival approaching, there will be a bunch of reviews coming up for some great shows for you all to see during this wonderful festival. This is also a chance for me to mention that now, more than ever, is a fantastic chance for you all to go out and support live entertainment (wherever you are). The arts industry as a whole has suffered terribly during the pandemic, and I believe the arts play an important role in society (if not life). Plus, I think many of us could do with more smiles and laughter (I know I could!)

If you’re still reading, then thanks for sticking around! Performer spotlights and fresh reviews will be coming soon, so be sure to bookmark this blog and check back regularly.

Thanks once again for your support, Tay