Announcement: Tay is back in town!

Hello readers! It has a been a while. Hope you have all been keeping safe and well. You may recall (or may not realise!) that over the past year I took a hiatus while my partner and I welcomed our first child – a beautiful baby girl. I’m pleased to report that shortly I’ll be recommencing my reviewing duties, which I’m very excited about. I anticipate a slow start – I will not be up to my usual ‘triple stacking of shows per night’ (hahaha!) during festival times so will be reviewing at a slower pace. I appreciate your understanding during this time.

That said, I do have some exciting shows to review for you all PLUS some performer spotlights (interviews) to pique your interest. I’m excited about this as I haven’t had a chance to feature many short performer interviews in the past due to time constraints. I hope the performer interviews will add some interest for you all too, as well as being fun to read.

As usual, I’ll be reviewing a mix of shows (both festival based and stand alone shows) from all kinds of genres and performance styles. With the Melbourne International Comedy Festival approaching, there will be a bunch of reviews coming up for some great shows for you all to see during this wonderful festival. This is also a chance for me to mention that now, more than ever, is a fantastic chance for you all to go out and support live entertainment (wherever you are). The arts industry as a whole has suffered terribly during the pandemic, and I believe the arts play an important role in society (if not life). Plus, I think many of us could do with more smiles and laughter (I know I could!)

If you’re still reading, then thanks for sticking around! Performer spotlights and fresh reviews will be coming soon, so be sure to bookmark this blog and check back regularly.

Thanks once again for your support, Tay

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