Announcement: Tay Around Town is taking a break until early 2022

Hello friends and readers! Thank you to all who have read my reviews (be it one review, or if you have been a regular reader since I commenced my reviews in 2016). Just thought I’d make an announcement that I’ll be taking a break from writing and posting reviews (effective immediately) with a look to recommencing reviews in early / first quarter of 2022.

“Why the break?” you may ask…..well the happy news is that my partner and I are expecting a new family member in early June 2021 and I am currently on maternity leave! It will be an exciting (and sleep deprived) time I’m sure and I know I’ll have my hands full for a while so I’ll need to take a break from my reviewing duties. That does mean that I’ll be missing some of my favourite festivals for 2021 (namely the Melbourne Magic Festival) but that will increase my hunger for the 2022 festival.

Please venture out and see live productions (whether it be magic, theatre, music, comedy, variety or circus) – especially post 2020, artists and producers have never been more keen to have audiences return to enjoy live entertainment. Don’t miss out on the fantastic array of live shows that are out there.

Hope to see you at a show in early 2022 and thanks again for reading and supporting my blog.

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