MMF 2019 Review: Vincent

Returning to The MC Showroom in trendy Prahran, I was super excited to watch Vincent Kuo’s self titled show “Vincent”. I saw Vincent’s mind blowing show at the Melbourne Magic Festival in 2018 (and to be honest with you, there are elements of the show that have stayed with me for a full twelve months) so there was no chance I was going to miss his return for the 2019 festival.

Vincent is perhaps one of the most mysterious magicians in the program, in fact his show blurb was blank so you really had to be there to find out what the show was all about. In front of an intimate audience, Vincent mentioned that he was going to show us some of the strongest magic that he had – and he did. Vincent’s moves (especially with notes and cards) are lightening fast and extremely fluid. The audience just stared on in disbelief, and we could all hardly believe our eyes. Vincent is the type of magician that regularly fools other magicians, such is the high standard of his skills and artful composition of magical effects. If there was a focus of the show, it was the concept of “originality / arts vs commercialism” and an exploration of the pros and cons of each concept, demonstrated via magic. I very much enjoyed the parallels between music and magic (which I had never considered before). I also enjoyed Vincent’s thoughtful dialogue throughout the show, in particular the line “impressive things don’t necessarily connect with people”.

Time itself is an illusion with this show – there are moments when it seems like time slows down, just enough for you to catch up with all the magic, then in another moment it’s all over and everything fades to black and the audience is thrust back out into the turbulent world.

VERDICT: DO. NOT. MISS!!! Vincent’s show always have an unparalleled depth far beyond others. Poetic and beautiful magic pieces are fused with ideas and philosophy to create magic beyond anything else you’ll see. Vincent takes each show beyond the base concept of “magic” (and the accompanying audience expectations) but to see exactly where, you’ll just have to join him on that journey.

*Disclaimer: I attended this performance as a guest of the festival

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