MMF 2019 Review: Up Close and Personal – Carisa Hendrix

For the past few years, multi talented (and multi faceted) Canadian magician and performer Carisa Hendrix has brought some of her characters to the Melbourne Magic Festival – yes, I’m referring to Lucy Darling (among others). For the second year in a row, Carisa Hendrix has also performed a special ‘one night only’ showing of her own close up magic skills – with no giant wigs or strange accents involved. This presents an exciting chance for the audience to see the mastermind behind all those characters perform some impressive and beautiful routines, along with some fascinating and enjoyable stories. This also presents a large amount of bravery on the part of the performer, as in this show there’s no grand persona to hide behind – there are however, grand amounts of beauty and magic in this show. It’s my second year in a row seeing this show, and it remains a personal festival highlight.

I’m not sure how much I should write of the magic that takes place during this show. Much of it is impressive and very surprising (even to me – someone who has seen a lot of magic shows). Personal highlights for me: Carisa’s impressive coin magic; her magic with cards that had a hilarious backstory; and a surprising piece of new magic that was unexpected! In fact, it’s hard to choose highlights – I feel this show is a combined ‘showreel’ of highlights in its entirety. Magic pieces within this show do appear to change year by year so even if you see the show once, you’ll likely wish to see it again.

Magician / entertainer or not, I feel there is an immense amount to gain by experiencing this show. You get a glimpse into another person’s life experiences; you have a rare chance to see impressive close up magic that may not have been seen before. Carisa Hendrix has a wealth of knowledge and observations on many things, and some of those are included in the show too.

I remain hopeful that this show returns every year at the Melbourne Magic Festival, and don’t hesitate to recommend this show to anyone who enjoys close up magic and especially for those who are intrigued beyond Carisa Hendrix’s characters to the core performer herself.

VERDICT: An impressive evening of close up magic paired with fascinating stories combined with a glimpse beyond character magic from a multi talented performer. Do not miss this show!

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