MMF 2019 Review: Flower Press Part 1 and Part 2

Dane Certificate is well known in the Melbourne Magic community and has had shows at previous Melbourne Magic Festivals, however he hasn’t had a show for a while now so I was very keen to see what he had in store for audiences this year. The best way I can describe Dane is as a ‘surrealist magician’ – sure, magic can be abstract and unbelievable as it is- but in Dane’s hands, magic goes one step further (exactly where I’m not sure but possibly into another dimension). This year, Dane has gone one step further and is presenting a separate ‘part 1’ and ‘part 2’ of his show – parts can be seen separately or one after each other. I chose to see both parts on the one evening, and I would recommend that too. I’m writing about both parts here, however best to keep in mind that there is no story progression / prior knowledge required between the parts at all.

Flower Press – Part 1
Dane has a very peculiar and intensely magical box. Outwardly, it looks like a nice vintage, wooden box that you might find at an antique or furniture store – inside it lies another dimension. Many many objects are pulled from within the box, leaving the audience thinking “How does that even happen?!” Playing cards make an appearance and end up in unlikely places. Much of this performance is done in silence with curious and intriguing music played in the background.

Flower Press – Part 2
This show was a little more interactive in areas, with Dane seemingly within a more complicated show setup. Plain boxes were everywhere, containing all manners of things. I felt that lots of different arts (origami, theatre, mime etc) were used in this show which enhanced the journey for the audience.Like with all of Dane’s shows, it’s hard to put in words exactly what goes on during the show. There is a magic door and technology has a commanding voice which provides some direction in the show. The show ends in the most curious of ways.

On the evening I saw both parts of the show, most of the audience members were doing the same, which made it an intimate experience shared by a number of people. It’s a night of unexpected miracles in an unusual format – come to expect the unexpected as this will be different to anything you’ve ever seen before. Exquisite and poetic and times, and perplexing in other moments, Dane himself is an enigmatic performer. At the conclusion of the shows, the crowd slowly shuffled out (back into the ‘real’ world) recounting their favourite moments of the incredible adventure we shared together.

VERDICT: a show for those come to seek an alternative to the norm, and a deviation from the average and usual. This is not a ‘garden variety’ magic show! Best suited to adults and those seeking a different interpretation of magic and heavy deviation from the norm. If you think you’ve seen it all, then think again.

Flower Press Part 1

Flower Press Part 2

One comment

  1. vic B · July 6, 2020

    His magic could be considered real so smooth is his execution. Awakens a new interest in conjuring.


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