MMF 2019 Review: Alex the Magician in Jaw Dropping 3D

Returning to the Melba Spiegeltent in Collingwood, I was excited to attend Alex the Magician’s show “Alex the Magician in Jaw Dropping 3D”. Alex the Magician regularly performs at the Melbourne Magic Festival, so there’s a chance you have seen him perform before – if you have (or haven’t) you are in for a very fun family magic show.

Combining impressive magic, fun musical tracks and a strong narrative “Alex the Magician in Jaw Dropping 3D” is a highly enjoyable show for families to enjoy together. Alex the Magician is on a quest and the whole show is based around that quest, which makes the show a comfortable one to watch and enjoy.  Along the way, Alex the Magician comes across many magical props and activities to share with the audience which makes the quest exciting. Alex is also sneaky enough to add in some educational elements for children during the quest, which I found clever. Alex the Magician has a strong rapport with his audience members, and throughout the show many children in the audience have the chance to volunteer and help Alex (and even a couple of adults were lucky enough to have that chance as well)! As for what kinds of magic to expect, I won’t mention too much – however my personal highlights were the mind reading segment and some cool predictions.

A polished performer with a modern and relevant show that skips any of the stuffy, antiquated ideas that some people have about magic. Highly recommended.

VERDICT: “Alex the Magician in Jaw Dropping 3D” has a wide appeal, and is a top choice for a magic show that the whole family can enjoy together.

*Disclaimer: I attended this show as a guest of the festival


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