MMF 2019 Review: The Kid’s Magic Gala

Each year, the Melbourne Magic Festival has a number of Gala shows – these shows are designed to showcase the festival’s performers and can make it easier for audience members to select a future show to see (especially if they like various pieces of magic performed at the show). The Galas are special affairs and The Kid’s Magic Gala is no exception. In fact The Kid’s Magic Gala is even more special as there’s one run of that gala each week of the festival (as the shows change per festival week).

Hosted by magician Lee Cohen – who also performed some magic herself, along with her animal friends- and comprising of a number of very magical children’s show performers (plus a special guest entertainer who is a child), this is the perfect show to see if you’re looking for a wide variety of magical styles and personalities in a relatively short timeframe. Today’s performers included Polly Pop It (review is here in case you missed it), international star Simon Coronel (who involved some adults in his routine) and The Great Armando (with his Italian flair). The special guest for this show was none other than the 2019 winner of the Australian Junior Championship of Stage Magic – Magic Macy!

All of the experienced performers entertained the young audience well, with their acts involving fun magic, comedy and some sweet circus skills too. There was no shortage of audience volunteers with some children just itching to be on stage with each super cool magician. A special mention goes to Magic Macy who not only performed an incredibly enjoyable children’s magic routine but who also impressed all the adults in the room with her mastery of magic (I seriously do not know how she does it – her magic thoroughly impressed me and I’ve seen a crazy number of magic shows). Magic Macy’s performance was highly interactive and she had some very playful and novel ways of selecting audience volunteers for her magical pieces. Much of Magic Macy’s magical pieces were set to fun, modern music which enhanced the audiences’s enjoyment of her performance. She’s definitely one to keep and eye on and I hope she returns to the festival in the future.

Prior to the end of the show, Lee Cohen returned to wow the crowd with a final piece of magic and was on hand at the end of the show to ensure that audience members had a chance to meet her animal friends. With all performers having such strong magical repertoires, you never really know exactly what you’ll see in this show, which makes it exciting.

VERDICT: An ideal show to engage the whole family, and useful to help you perhaps  decide on future shows to see with the family. Expect fun magic, surprises and plenty of laughs along the way. A top pick!

*Disclaimer: I attended this show as a guest of the festival

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