MMF 2019 Review: Polly Pop It

  Polly Pop It (performed by Imogen Brough) is a positively delightful children’s performer / clown. Dressed in a beautiful rainbow outfit with accents of yellow (hello!) and purple, Polly is an utter delight to behold and be entertained by. Polly spared no time engaging with the smallest audience members, entertaining with hoops and fun banter while the audience took their seats in the theatre. I’ve never seen Polly perform before so I must admit I didn’t know what to expect (aside from what I saw on her flyer). Polly combined circus skills (such as hooping, juggling and plate spinning) with some sweet pieces of magic and some seriously impressive pieces of balloon art. I must admit I was a little jealous of those receiving such epic and awesome balloon creations! In terms of the magic, I don’t want to spoil too much but I can tell you that it was very entertaining and performed well (with some moments that even surprised the adults in the room)!

  Polly did a great job of looking after all her young audience members, especially when she collectively took the group on a couple of exciting adventures (which also had the group up and moving which was clever). Yes, even the adults that were gathered to watch Polly were included in the adventures that she took her audience on (in a response rather than movement way) which was a nice touch! There were some sweet messages about friendship included in the show too, which I especially enjoyed as I sat next to some friends to watch the show and we all know magic is better when enjoyed with friends.

I think that some of the true markers of truly professional entertainers are patience and persistence under challenging conditions, and Polly exuded professionalism while addressing sound difficulties and a particular member of the audience who was keen to reveal how some magic was done (we’ve all seen that type before)! Dealing with all of that with a smile and patience in her stride is a piece of magic in itself.

VERDICT: Pop along to Polly Pop It’s wonderously delightful show for sweet adventures into the land of magic and circus with Polly as your very experienced and patient guide. Perfect show for younger children (less than 7 years old) or for perhaps shy children as some of the activities are done together as a group.


*Disclaimer: I attended this performance as a guest of the festival.

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