MMF 2019 Review: MAYHEM

Brendan Dooley is an award winning magician from New Zealand (and undoubtedly one of the funniest) and has jumped across the ditch to entertain us all at the Melbourne Magic Festival. Hosting his show at The MC Showroom – a wonderful local theatre in Prahran – the performance I attended was a full house with no shortage of eager young magic fans and their parents / carers / guardians lining up to enter the theatre.

From the moment the show started I knew it was going to be loads of fun. Brendan Dooley is a magical master of surprises and had his audience excited and laughing early on. Part of the excitement of magic shows for children and families is the chance for children to be audience volunteers. Brendan’s show excels in this area and each time he asked for help, a forest of hands went up in the air with children desperate to help out. Children catch on quickly, and Brendan ensured that each child helper would walk away with a cool present so he never had a shortage of volunteers for his show.

For the adults in the audience, Brendan had plenty of jokes and witty one liners however the audience volunteers really shine in this show (aside from Brendan’s amazing magical skills of course)! I have WAY TOO MANY show highlights to recount here, however Brendan’s card magic, his bag of mystery and mentalism routines were a sheer joy to watch. I laughed all the way through this show and I’m sure you will to. There were even times when adults did more laughing than the children which was refreshing for a children’s magic show. I honestly cannot recommend this show enough – do yourself a favour and bring your family along for a fun show that will no doubt be the highlight of your school holidays!

VERDICT: Expect lots of balloons, plenty of hilarious moments and of course a healthy dose of MAYHEM during this show. Highly recommended.


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