MMF 2019 Review: “What The F*CK…and other things you’ll say tomorrow”

Each year I attend the Melbourne Magic Festival, there’s a show that astounds everyone so much that I repeatedly have people recommending the show to me / urging me to attend. In 2019 “What The F*CK…and other things you’ll say tomorrow” performed by Vyom Sharma was that show – and the show title wasn’t wrong!

With a strong use of technology and multimedia (and a rocking drum n base soundtrack), “What The F*CK…and other things you’ll say tomorrow” is compilation of sheer and utter magical miracles presented by Vyom Sharma. I hesitate to overuse the term ‘magical miracles’ but to be honest, there’s little other way I can describe the contents of this show. The audience were continually blown away by each piece of magic that was offered. Lucky audience members that were selected to help out onstage became especially close to the magic (and especially envied, even moreso during particular routines – if you ever get to see the show, you’ll know the ones I’m referring to)! Minds were regularly blown all across the audience during the entire fast paced show. I heard scoffing noises, mutters of “no way!” “it can’t be!” and “GET OUT!!”….the audience simply could not believe what was happening at times. Even the more skeptical audience members were becoming affected by Vyom’s brand of impactful magic. Words even fail me here- a tough outcome for a reviewer! Guess you’ll just have to see the show (and I recommend that you do if it ever returns or is showing near you). I guess if I had to pick moments that were the most exciting / impactful, they’d be the word selection game, a segment when the audience could have a choice in an outcome (as one entity) and the lottery game. The entire show was a highlight for me and I was reveling in each piece of astounding magic – I wished the show did not end. I’ve previously seen pieces of magic from Vyom plenty of times, but never in a show of this caliber that sets the benchmark so high.

VERDICT: “What The F*CK…and other things you’ll say tomorrow” will leave your mind shaken and stirred. Vyom is masterful at magic and making the audience question everything from small talk, beliefs and influence through to their own decision making. Prepare to be impressed, challenged and amazed (and perhaps to lose some sleep overnight too)!

*Disclaimer: I attended this show as a guest of the festival.

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