MMF 2019 Review: “Emoji_Conj”

  Back again for a third magic show in the same evening (conveniently housed within The MC Showroom), “Emoji_Conj” is performed by conjurer (and self titled ‘Emoji Boffin’) Ben Hutton. Billed as Emoji / Magic Experiment and performed as such, the cheery flyer we’d seen was quite coy as to exactly what we’d see within the show (good to keep an open mind and be open to some mystery with this one)!

Opening with a great sequence, this is a very visual show and will have a strong appeal for those with a liking of / those who regularly use emojis for communication. A deck of large cards with different emojis on them was shuffled by audience members and then stacked by Ben, with each card representing the theme of magic to follow. Over the course of the show, many different story themes were portrayed via the emojis (and corresponding magical acts) – spooky stories, love stories etc. Some of the emojis and acts elicited laughs and giggles from the audience, and Ben often asked the audience members if they regularly used each emoji that appeared during the show.

Those who’ve seen the magic of Ben Hutton before will know his style and potentially seen some of the pieces of magic before, but whether familiar with his work or not this show will leave you transfixed and mystified. There seemed to be some ‘gaps’ and some scenes during the show which were a little confusing, and at times the emojis used were predictable but this largely didn’t impact the audience’s overall enjoyment of the show. For many, it was an amusing and entertaining look at the parallels of magic and emoji, and when they combine they become “Emoji_Conj”.

VERDICT: “Emoji_Conj” is a very visual show that is easy to watch and enjoy, with a modern twist. The ideal magic show for curious people looking for a different interpretation of magic.

*Disclaimer: I attended this show as a guest of the festival.

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