MMF 2019 Review: “Almost Unbelievable”

Chi Han Yeo is a smartly dressed unassuming looking man. If you saw him down the street you probably wouldn’t give him a second glance – however it happens that Chi Han is also an exceptional magician, with a particular penchant for card magic and storytelling. This is what his show “Almost Unbelievable” is all about….except the show should really have been called “Unbelievable” because many of Chi Han’s magical feats and miracles simply could not be believed by the crowd. There were moments during the show where I watched on in disbelief at what was unfurling before my very eyes!

Each piece of magic was preceded with a story, and Chi Han was a very engaging storyteller, using lots of emotive words, gestures and fun characters as he weaved his magic and stories for the pleasure of his audience. The magic itself was all done so well and with such emotion. There was a truly baffling poker game and an exploration of Alchemy using card magic (among other routines) which were particular highlights. The Alchemy piece featured some lightening fast card transformations, which made me think that blinking during the show would risk missing out on some of the action. Naturally, with such impressive and lightening fast skills, throughout the show amongst audience members there were gasps, looks of surprise and mutterings of “NO WAY!” and “WHAT?!” as the audience collectively seemed to have their minds blown.

The most special and whimsical storytime was saved for the story of how Chi Han got into magic in the first place and it was a charming performance and story with a sweet message. I understand card magic isn’t for everyone but this show is much more than the sum of its parts and you don’t see it then you are missing out on a special adventure.

VERDICT: “Almost Unbelievable” is just unbelievable in every way. I just can’t recommend this show enough- don’t miss it!

*Disclaimer: I attended this show as a guest of the festival


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