MMF 2019 Review: Tim Credible’s Family Magic Show

  Undoubtedly one of the busiest family show performers during the Melbourne Magic Festival, Tim Credible performs his family magic show each morning of the festival at 10:45am (aside from the weekends) which is dedication! Perfect for families with children under the age of 8, Tim Credible’s Family Magic Show is full of  fun moments, surprises, comedy magic and loads of chances for children to shout out the magic words / respond to Tim’s antics and the magical happenings on stage.

Lots of colourful pieces of magic appear in this show involving silks and balls etc with Tim using this time to chant the words of each colour with his young audience. A very interactive and noisy show at times, with the children in the audience yelling things one moment and roaring or squealing with laughter the next. Highlights include Tim’s very cheeky rabbit and Tim’s pet dragon Douzie, who even sings and performs some of the magic himself – what a joy! There’s even a chance at the end of the show for budding magicians to purchase their own magic kit which is a nice touch.

VERDICT: a solid, reliably fun family magic show for those with younger children. Perfect school holiday outing or indoors activity to escape the cold weather. A solid choice for an entertaining magic show.

*Disclaimer: I attended this show as a guest of the festival


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