MMF 2019 Review: “Split Focus”

  “Split Focus” is a show by magical duo Jo Clyne and Ryan Shaw. Over the course of the show, it becomes apparent how magical and creative Jo and Ryan are (especially when they use and test each other’s powers of mentalism).

This is a fun show with a seemingly randomised / thin storyline so chances are that the version of the show you see may be different to the version that I’ve seen! The show flyer mentions this show “may contain traces of hats” but in actual fact there are many hats and other curious props used. At some points, the show is a cross between a magic show and a rummage at a costume / prop sale – which is a little delightful and confusing in equal measures. If there is a broader storyline to the show then I’m afraid I missed what that was as each piece of magic seemed to have it’s own storyline and theme and it was easy to get distracted.

In terms of the magic, it is done well with modern themes and the audience were having a good time throughout the show. Various pieces involved audience participation which made the show even more fun. The finale of the show was my favourite part (along with an ‘airport’ scene).

VERDICT: an enjoyable and slightly madcap show with a “choose your own adventure” feel to it. If you’re up for a magical madcap adventure then this could be the show for you!

*Disclaimer: I attended this show as a guest of the festival


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