MMF 2019 Review: The Greatest Magic Show Returns!

Local magic identities and ‘hometown heroes’ Sam Hume and Justin Williams are back again at the Melbourne Magic Festival with their show “The Greatest Magic Show Returns”. In 2018 they had a successful run of their show “The Greatest Magic Show” (which sadly I didn’t get a chance to see) and for the 2019 show they’ve added a character called ‘The Ringmaster’. If you haven’t seen a magic show by Sam and Justin before, they’re basically the rockstars of magic – their shows are hugely fun, their crowds are loud and vocal (just they way they like) and they cram an assortment of magic and circus skills into each show ensuring that the most fun is had by their audiences.

This show is equally enjoyable for children and adults to share together- Sam, Justin and The Ringmaster direct most of their dialogue and requests to the children in the room, however adults can also ‘play along’ too and will likely marvel at the circus and magic and enjoy the jokes. “The Greatest Magic Show Returns!” includes a wide variety of magic with the ‘usual’ sorts of items you’d expect in a magic show – coins, balloons and boxes – but magic happens with some unexpected items as well. As expected in family magic shows, audience participation is a must and Sam and Justin specifically only choose children to help them with this show so they can be the special stars (and take home a cool prize as thanks for their help!). Sam and Justin both have a strong rapport for their young audience and their audience members were keen to assist them – a sea of hands appeared each time the guys needed help. Aside from the magic, this show features lots of physical comedy and some pantomime type scenes to keep the energy high and the laughs coming.

The Ringmaster also has a special job – he opens the show and helps to keep the show on track, as Sam and Justin are prone to get distracted and ‘carry on’ a bit with things. The Ringmaster also has some rules and is keen to ensure they are not broken. Some of the funniest scenes in this show involve The Ringmaster so make sure you keep an eye out for him when he’s on stage.

With each child receiving a FREE magic wand on entry, coupled with a chance to have a photo with the stars after the show  – what more could you want from a magic show? This show provides it all!

VERDICT: It’s a case of “fun times guaranteed” with The Greatest Magic Show Returns. If you haven’t seen Sam and Justin perform their fantastically entertaining magic shows then you simply must – there’s a reason why they have a rockstar status and strong following. They’ve had sell out shows so get your tickets while you can!

*Disclaimer: I attended this show as a guest of the festival



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