“Impossible” performed by Robbie Kay

During my trip to Adelaide Fringe, I was keen to see local magicians (in addition to overseas talents) so Robbie Kay’s show piqued my interest. Robbie’s magic show was on at a family friendly time and he must be a local favourite as the theatre was full.

Robbie was friendly and keen to show off his magical talents to the audience. He opened the show with a fun act set to music. Many in the audience were clapping and cheering along – it was a joyous way to start the show. As with many magic shows, there was plenty of audience participation with Robbie plucking lucky audience members to help him on stage. Much of the magic during this show was classic magic – routines everyone would expect to see- however there were some segments of modern magic and a few predictions and surprises along the way.

The show wasn’t always ‘smooth sailing’ with some minor tech issues and a GoPro that got kicked off stage a few times, but Robbie didn’t let that deter him and the audience always looked like they were having fun. Portions of the show could have been refined, especially when time was taken for audience members to sign an envelope during the show. Considering the audience were waiting outside the tent for ten minutes to enter the theatre, I’m sure that task could have been done then.

Overall, an enjoyable and entertaining show with light hearted magic that isn’t taxing on the mind. Some minor distractions didn’t impact the audience having a great time, however portions of the show could do with some refinement / polish. This wasn’t Robbie’s first show at Adelaide Fringe and I’m sure his shows will evolve and continue to be enjoyed by audiences.

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