Breaking the Magicians’ Code with Kane and Abel

Kane and Abel are two thoroughly delightful, enchanting, witty and entertaining British lads (twin brothers in fact) who wowed Adelaide audiences with their magic. After gaining entry to the theatre and being given a sweet by the performers (ever so thoughtful) my friend and I were directed to sit in the front row. I couldn’t believe my luck and being in the front row just amped up my excitement for the magical thrills (and spills) ahead!

After a voiceover from their Grandpa reminding them not to break any of the magicians’ codes / rules, Kane and Abel bounded onto stage proudly describing the codes and cheekily suggesting how they’d break them. Fully of witty banter and playful jibes, Kane and Abel shared the stage well and even shared each other’s dialogue at times. Like true brothers there were points of disagreement, betting and showing each other up – all to the delight and cheers of the audience of course! This show had such a great atmosphere and I was lapping up each minute – whether the lads were displaying astounding and entertaining magic or descending into a brief karaoke solo. Be assured that there was plenty of magic to behold amongst the banter and comedy – magic that left the audience scratching their heads one moment and astounded the next.

The audience were treated to some special guests and characters during the show, which made the show more of a madcap adventure. Kane and Abel often had the audience in the palm of their hands which enhanced the magic. The finale of the show really has to be seen to be believed – writing about it here hardly does it the justice it deserves. Let’s just say, some audience members could hardly believe their eyes!

This show left me in such high spirits that had I extended my trip to Adelaide then I would have seen the show again. I can only hope that Kane and Abel make a trip to my hometown of Melbourne so I can enjoy the show with all my friends.

Extra note: I should mention that this show was in a family timeslot in Adelaide, however once in the theatre it became apparent that while children would enjoy the show and the magic within, that the show was clearly aimed at adults.

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