Best of Edinburgh Cabaret

Continuing on with my wonderful weekend of Adelaide Fringe shows, I wanted to make the most of the variety of acts available. The Adelaide Fringe seems to have lots of links to the Edinburgh Fringe (the largest fringe festival in the world) so I thought “why not let the Edinburgh fringe come to me?” Thus, my best friend in Adelaide and I saw the “Best of Edinburgh Cabaret”. It was a fun show and a bit riotous in presentation and content, however it was in a late night timelsot and the crowd seemed to be up for anything.

MC’d by a kilt wearing man named Chris who unquestionably has the best 90’s dance moves I’ve ever seen, the lineup for the evening was Gingzilla, Evie Mischievy and Memphis Mae. Gingzilla is a 7ft tall bearded lady with a stunning voice (and gorgeous set of legs to match!). Gingzilla sang a collection of songs from her fringe show to much applause and cheering from the crowd. Evie Mischievy performed a clever improvised hoop act with another performer selecting the music. Evie dazzled the crowd with her beautiful hoop routines, while wearing a glittering choker and tiara.

What can I say about Memphis Mae? In Adelaide, burlesque performers seem to go that one step further (towards their audience or one step further with the removal of clothes) as compared to those in Melbourne. Memphis Mae was no different and boy, she did not disappoint! Memphis Mae got the audience all fired up and hot under the collar with her burlesque routine and then literally went crawling into the audience – over seats and patron’s laps – to chat to people and ensure we were all having the best time! Burlesque really is untamed here!

Closing out the show, MC Chris had the chance to show off his medly of 90’s dance moves (much to the envious eyes of many a man in the audience) and confirmed what really is under a Scotsman’s kilt (how cheeky!)

This show was a barrel of fun, and left the audience feeling shaken not stirred.


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