Club Gotham: Villains of Vaudeville

An avid DC comics fan (especially of character Harley Quinn) and dressed in my favourite ‘casual Harley’ outfit, I was very excited to see this show during Adelaide Fringe. I particularly looked forward to how each performer portrayed / paid tribute to the villains within the show.

This show had all the ‘usual suspects’ that come to mind when DC villains are mentioned, plus a few surprising inclusions. All hosted by the clown prince of Gotham city himself – The Joker. He was a host of unhinged perfection, however I would have liked to see more from him. His comedy and wit were well timed, but he never had his own segment to shine and I think that was a shame. There were hints during the evening where I felt the Joker’s character was slipping – though I’m unsure if this was due to intense comments / banter from the audience or due to the tasks at hand. The show contained performances of burlesque and singing, with a bit a stage fighting included. The burlesque acts were definitely the strengths of the show, and gained the most applause and cheering from the audience.

My personal highlights were performances by Harley Quinn – who performed an energetic and gutsy burlesque number and Poison Ivy- who included Alice Cooper’s hit “Poison” in a well themed take on a classic raunchy burlesque performance. With Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy being BFF’s in the comic world, I’m sure you can imagine their chemistry when they’re both sharing the same stage! Ms Freeze was a welcome inclusion on the program and performed an erotic water based act to Madonna’s hit “Frozen”, which raised the temperature of the audience.

There were elements / segments of this show that seemed less polished than others, but overall it was a fantastic show. The burlesque acts left me feeling hot under my little Harley Quinn collar, and our night in Gotham City was one of excitement and surprise.

It’s a shame this show had a very limited run during Adelaide Fringe. The show was presented by ‘The JustAss League’ so if you ever come across one of their shows, then do book a ticket because you’re in for an entertaining and exciting night out!

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