“Encore” performed by Paul Dabek

I have to admit that I narrowly missed watching Paul Dabek’s show while I was in Melbourne, and just about every magician I encountered said that it was truly a shame that I missed his show. Imagine my delight when I was able to catch his show “Encore” in Adelaide! I had high hopes for this show, and Dabek not only met my expectations but surpassed them so much in unforgettable ways.

Extremely well presented, spoken and with very polished material Dabek dazzled the audience with an hour of such hilarity and manic magic that he must be a time lord as I feel like we were only in that tent for 20 minutes. Every single piece of magic performed was taken to the ‘next level’ with his trademark talent, humour and pizzazz. Dabek was consistently playful with the audience, tossing out quick witted remarks one moment and rewarding the audience with cheese the next. My favourite moments of the show were when Dabek introduced us to one of his special friends, his comedy routines with all kinds of objects, and his finale which was stirring and poetic.

This show was the epitome of streamlined magic and humour. It was as much a comedy show as a magic show, and the two were combined with panache. Definitely a show for adults, and a show for those who love comedy or who perhaps enjoy comedy over magic (though there were equal amounts of each). “Encore” is the funniest magic show I have seen in a long time – I often laughed until my sides hurt and left the tent with a slight hunch due to so much laughter!

Dabek’s show run has now ended in Adelaide, however if you get the chance to see his show then do not delay and ensure you get a ticket!

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