“Alternative Reality” performed by Auslusion

Given that I’m a big fan of magic, I couldn’t resist to see my fave Adelaide magic duo, Auslusion (Jace Wonders and Scott Stunz), present their fringe show “Alternative Reality”. Hosted within the beautiful Ayers House, which matched the magicians’ 1920’s personas, the show began with an intriguing animation which piqued the curiosity of many of the audience members. After the animation had finished, Mr Jace Wonders and Mr Scott Stunz then made their grand entrance on stage to the delight of the audience.

This show was quite different to the Auslusion show I attended in Melbourne last year, which was more of a family based show with classic magic. This show highlighted the magic of the mind and the overall concepts of what is reality / what is illusion?! Is this the real life or is this just fantasy (as the classic goes)?! “Alternative Reality” is a show that features many mysteries, but also demonstrates some of the curiosities of the human mind. Wonders and Stunz were also keen to impress the audience with their mind manipulation and prediction skills, and impress they did in spades! Throughout the shows I heard gasps and hushed whispers of “no way!!” along with plenty of stunned facial expressions. Wonders and Stunz performed some truly unbelieveable feats! As with all Auslusion shows, there is plenty of audience participation with Wonders and Stunz taking very good care of their helpers from the audience.

I thoroughly enjoyed this show as during certain points in the show, Wonders and Stunz would refer back to the title of their show. They did a fantastic job of taking their audience to another reality. Their amazing magic coupled with the setting and animation made me forget where I was, and that is one of the beauties of great magic shows – to immerse yourself and leave your usual world and life behind. Finishing on a high to raptuous applause, Auslusion’s finale simply made my jaw drop – I’ll be losing sleep over that one for sure!

VERDICT: Definitely a magic show to put on your list this fringe. Enjoyable, entertaining and another solid offering of fantastic magic from Auslusion. This show is best suited to older teens to adults.

Tickets: https://adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/auslusion-alternative-reality-af2018

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