MMF 2017 Mini Review: ‘White Lies’

Having seen and enjoyed Pierre Ulric’s performance of ‘White Lies’ at the 2016 MMF, I was keen to return for another serving of his mysterious and clever magic. Pierre warmly welcomed the audience into the theatre and ensured we were all settled into our seats. Many of us found a post it note and pencil on ours seats – which was to be used for an activity later in the show.

Many of the pieces of magic that Pierre excels at where showcased in this show (some gentle mind reading, spoon bending and his impressive predictions) as well as some surprising effects that I had not seen before. Pierre has a talent for unifying his audience, so we all feel like we’re being taken on the same journey together. Audience helpers are always made to feel welcome and safe, with Pierre gently guiding them. There are many impressive elements to this show, that are not lost on the audience. I heard many gasps and looks of disbelief on faces one moment, with people nodding in agreement the next (when referencing collective experiences during the show). A piece of card magic featuring a couple from the audience was a particularly sweet moment in the show.

Whilst being similar to his show in the previous year, Pierre added some staging and narrative points to this show which enhanced the ‘flow’ of the effects and encouraged the audience to follow him along to the finale. It was hard not to pick up on the instances of ‘deja-vu’ and I was very curious as to where the storyline of the show was leading the audience. If you’re seeking a show with mystery and magic that will leave you wondering how he did it all, then keep a look out for Pierre’s show ‘White Lies’.

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