MMF 2017 Mini Review: E. G. Lee (International Guest)

Each year during the MMF, I ensure that I attend a performance from each of the International headliners. I regularly watch magic, however I find that each International performer will have a style or effects that I’ve never seen before. I resist the temptation to ‘research’ each performer prior to the show, instead I just attend the shows without any expectations or ideas of what I may experience.

E.G. Lee opened the show with a thrilling and spectacular set of magic set to music. There were many noises of delight from the audience as fire danced from his fingertips and he seemed to command sparks into the air. E.G Lee’s card manipulation was fluid, and he moved with such speed that my eyes often lost track of what I was supposed to be looking at. Lee’s outfit made him seem like a magical rockstar and the audience was lapping up his magic, roaring with cheers and applause at the conclusion of the very exciting opening act.

E.G. Lee explored other facets of magic during his show – it wasn’t all cards and ‘typical’ magic effects. There was a piece of magic involving simply Lee’s hands that was mesmerising and astonishing. Other pieces were poetic, weaving a path between magic and life which I enjoyed. It was a nice pace to slow down to, with Lee mixing up tempo effects to music with slower more poetic pieces. The finale was just as special, with many a happy sigh heard amongst audience members with glistening eyes. It was a show that truly took the audience to another place for a short period of time.

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