MMF 2017 Mini Review: ‘Have you ever, ever heard?’

One of the magic shows for children that I was most keen to attend during the MMF was “Have you ever, ever heard?” performed by The Storyteller (David Chandler). The Storyteller welcomed the audience into his house (presumably in a storybook village) with a song and many smiles. Everyone felt so welcomed and happy to be there. The scenario of this show was that The Storyteller was waiting for a package to arrive via his enchanted mailbox.

This show was everything I expected and more! Songs were sung by The Storyteller, and he encouraged everyone in the audience (especially the adults) to learn the words and sing along too. The audience became the “Pandemonium choral society” for this show and that made me giggle. Throughout the show, The Storyteller would receive items of mail from his storybook relatives, which would prompt another song or magic routine with a storybook twist. Keep an eye out for his imaginary menagerie, and his (often adorable) helpers from the audience.

I was most impressed with the way David handled some insistent audience members who were so enthralled with his character that they frequently tried to get David’s attention to tell him random things. David was quick with a witty one liner or friendly reply in order to address the audience member and to ensure that his show continued on the correct path. A thoroughly pleasant and enjoyable show!

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