MMF 2017 Mini Review: ‘Alex the Magician in Jaw-Dropping 3D’

Well known Melbourne magician Alex de la Rambelje is known as one third of the magic trio ” Gentlemen of Deceit” (for those unaware of this trio, please reference ‘Australia’s Got Talent’), however he has also previously presented solo shows at the MMF. This year I was very excited to attend his children’s show. The show was sold out and the music playing while the audience took their seats made the atmosphere seem like a party. Everyone was very excited for the show to begin.

I enjoyed the structure of this show: once Alex had made his comedic entrance, he quickly explained his quest to the audience and then we all joined him on this collective quest. Alex pointed out a map which had various magical activities on it (such as ‘apple game’) so the audience had some expected reference points on the way to his magical goal. Whenever Alex requested assistance from the audience, a sea of little hands shot into the air. Clearly this show had grasped a lot of attention spans and minds, which is unsurprising as Alex knows his audience well. Magic was promptly presented with clear references to things that kids like (ie Harry Potter, games and snacks). I was impressed that Alex had gone so far to include some educational and health elements to his show – making reference to ‘sometimes foods’ and healthy foods too (apples!) as well as pointing out dimensional differences (ie 1D, 2D, 3D etc) which had a nice link to the show’s title. Towards the end of the show, children had the chance to shout out elements of a prediction which led to some hilarious choices.

This was a show that was equally enjoyed among children and adults alike – highly recommended.

Note: I attended this show as a Alex’s guest.

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