MMF 2017 Mini Review: ‘Micky TrickSTAR Tricky Extravaganza’

Micky TrickSTAR’s family show was another daytime show at the MMF that I was keen to see. I had previously seen glimpses of Micky’s magic and he never fails to make me laugh so I had high expectations for his show – he did not disappoint!

Excitedly waiting for his audience (made up of an equal mix of children and adults) near the door of his show, he waved and smiled at the audience who were taking their seats. The room felt like such a friendly, happy space. Micky had a curious amount of items on stage: boxes, tubes, brightly coloured bags and his magical suitcase (of course!) Micky promptly started the show and called out to the audience to see how we were feeling and if we were ready for MAGIC – the audience reaction was a resounding YES! If you’ve never met Micky before, he has a loud personality (and many facial expressions) so there’s no missing him in a room or when he’s asking you a question.

This show included many magical effects, all served with loads of laughs. The appearance of Micky’s dove named “Bubbles” was very exciting, as was a game for a volunteer to choose a prize. The children laughed when things seemingly (deliberately) went awry for Micky, and that made me laugh along too. Micky regularly went into the audience, looking for young and older volunteers to help him. He never had a shortage of helpers from the audience – I frequently spied children attempting to stand on chairs and wave themselves about in order to get selected to assist.

Micky goes to great lengths to ensure his audience is entertained, via his comedy magic (especially his magic words!) and his facial expressions. He never fails to make me laugh – this was undoubtedly one of the most fun shows I saw all festival and it was definitely the family show that made me laugh the most out of all the family / children’s shows that I saw. It’s clear that Micky has many fans, and he appreciates them too – all children at his show received a free poster which I thought was a lovely memento. Go see Micky TrickSTAR if you ever get the chance!

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