Mini Review: ‘Incantato’ performed by David Key

After a delicious local Italian pizza dinner, a lovely friend and I wandered into the Northcote Town Hall to see David Key’s show “Incantato”. It was a perfect pairing – an Italian dinner before a magic show performed by an Italian magician! I must admit that I had seen David Key perform ‘Incantato’ previously at another venue, however this did not dampen my enthusiasm and I was very excited to share this show with my friend.

David appeared onstage with a big smile to a large round of applause from the audience. Commencing with an engaging story about how he came to be in Australia (accompanied by smooth rope magic), David quickly commanded the attention of all the audience members. An assortment of magic was performed during this show (magic with cards, silks and money) all with the assistance of some lucky audience members. David always treats his audience members well, and ensures that they leave the stage with a smile which I appreciate. Even if some audience members seem nervous, David always finds a way to calm them and make them feel at ease. Personal highlights from this show were David’s witty banter (and language change!) with a helper from the audience who spoke Spanish;  and the dangerous and nail biting Russian Roulette routine (which had my friend hiding and wincing!).

Verdict: This was another fun show from David Key, and we left the theatre wanting to see more of David’s fantastic magic (as is often the case for me). I believe (at the time of writing) that David has now retired this show, however if you do get to see a magic show by David Key then I thoroughly recommend that you go along and discover how enjoyable his show is for yourself.

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