Mini Review: ‘Best of the Magic Fest’ Friday evening edition

One of the great events within the Melbourne Magic Festival is the nightly show ‘Best of the Magic Fest’. Even if you only attended this show every evening, chances are you’d have seen bite sized performances from just about every performer within the festival. As the lineup changes each night, even a repeat visitor such as myself will see something different within each show and I relish that. After watching 4 other magic shows on this particular day, my enthusiasm for magic had not waned and I eagerly awaited the show.

The lineup on this evening consisted of comedy magic offerings from Dave Lee, the ventriloquism stylings of Sarah Jones and mentalism from Bayden Hammond. Each performer brought a different style of magic to the (close up) table in the theatre, which the audience appreciated. Dave Lee kept the laughs coming through his routine which involved a fantastic prediction, while Bayden Hammond impressed with his stories and card routines (with some mentalism included of course!). The personal highlight for me was Sarah Jones, who brought along some of her (puppet) friends. A lucky member of the audience even had the chance to have a magical duet with one of the puppets, which was an equally hilarious and sweet moment.

Verdict: Consistently a fantastic show to attend, ‘Best of the Magic Fest’ does not disappoint! A fine choice for those unsure about which show to attend, those who enjoy variety or those who are up late. ‘Best of the Magic Fest’ has a broad appeal. An added bonus of this particular show was watching puppets enjoy some cookies (literally!).

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