Mini Review: ‘RanDom’ performed by Dom Chambers

It has been a few year since I’ve seen a solo show by Dom Chambers, so I was extra excited to see his show “RanDom” with a small bunch of friends. Dom opened the show by telling the audience about how he first became interested in magic, and the sorts of magic he was interested in and experimented with as a youngster. This led to an industrial blender being unveiled on stage…I won’t mention what took place next except to say that the audience simply could not believe their eyes!! Dom’s show verified his mastery of modern magic as he weaved guitar playing (featuring music loops), artwork, and beautiful storytelling with his magic. There were segments of audience participation (of course!) and Dom was very attuned to his audience, with his volunteers enhancing the magical experience for everyone in the audience. Dom literally had his volunteers dancing, smiling and laughing at various points during his show (and sometimes all at once). I struggle to write how much I enjoyed this show – this show left me wanting more so I hope I can see another of Dom’s performances soon.

Verdict: Undoubtedly one of the most innovative magic shows I have seen in some time. I left the show impressed and feeling very entertained. Dom has honed his craft over the years and is certainly a magician to keep an eye on in the future. If you like surprising magic with a modern flair, then I heartily encourage you to attend one of Dom’s future shows.

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