Mini Review: ‘Memento’ performed by Josh Staley

On a Saturday evening, a lovely friend and I lined up eagerly to watch ‘Memento’ performed by young magician Josh Staley. I have seen Josh’s magic before, however I hadn’t had a chance to see any of his Magic Festival shows until the closing night. I guess you could say I was saving the best until last!

We were very lucky to grab some front row seats, and watched as the theatre filled up with many audience members. Josh appeared on stage in a smart outfit and began to dazzle and mystify the audience with his clever and thoughtful magic. My friend was given the lucky chance to help Josh on stage with his ‘cherry trick’ – which started with all smiles and ended in some surprises for my friend! Ever playful with his audience members, Josh takes time to ensure his on stage helpers are well looked after and enjoying themselves. Josh’s show is really about curiosities  – of magic, and of the greater world. I enjoyed that when Josh shared his magic with his audience, he often ensured that a magical ‘souvenir’ was given out (a Memento!). I was most impressed with Josh’s predictions in the show – whether it be playing card, drawing or based on personal information about particular audience members. Many of these predictions had audience members gasping and exclaiming “no way!!!”, myself included! Josh mentions his enjoyment of ‘finding the unbelievable in each day’ and I must say that this show has made me more aware (and more keen) to focus on the unbelievable moments that occur each day. The little things that happen in a day to each person can be overlooked but when looked back upon, can be incredible.

Verdict: I always find Josh’s shows to be memorable, so I encourage everyone to come along and enjoy some baffling and impressive magic from one of the young stars in the Melbourne Magic community. This is a show that can be enjoyed by families, and there were many families in the audience on the night everyone attended. Everyone was having a great time with plenty of smiles and great moments shared and that certainly made this show a highlight of my day.

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