Mini Review: ‘The Fairy Magic Show’ performed by Lee Cohen

On Sunday afternoon I got dressed in my purple fairy outfit and flew over to the Northcote Town Hall for an afternoon of magic at the Melbourne Magic Festival. Upon entering the theatre (with many other small fairies and elves), the audience was greeted with relaxing music and birdsong. I felt like I had been transported to another world. Fairy Lee appeared in a stunning purple fairy dress and her fabulous shimmery fairy wings, and opened the show with a beautiful song. This added to the serene nature of the show and encouraged the audience to channel their inner fairy. Fairy theme aside, this show was magical – Fairy Lee’s magical forest friends made appearances (and disappearances!) and card magic was also included. This show included plenty of audience interaction and participation (by the entire audience – including all the adults!), which took me by surprise. At many points throughout the show, Fairy Lee encouraged the audience to do some magical hand movements and to say the magic words in order to help her (and the magic) along. Fairy Lee’s finale had the audience squealing and gasping with excitement.

Verdict: A very pleasant and entertaining trip to fairy land! Fairy Lee is a splendid host and magician. This show brought much joy to my heart and I left feeling the most relaxed and serene I have felt after any magic show..ever! I felt so lucky to be able to see this show as I have missed it in previous years. If you are a fairy fan and get the chance to see this show (either at the next Melbourne Magic Festival or elsewhere) then I do recommend it! This show is suitable for children / fairies 5 years and up (however, younger fairies are welcome to come along too!).

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