Mini Review: ‘Simon & Shoot & Davefunkel Backstage’

On Saturday night, a lively bunch of friends and I visited the Melbourne Magic Festival to see a show featuring 3 fantastic magicians – Simon Coronel and Shoot Ogawa (who are both from LA) and local magic star Dave Lee. I thoroughly enjoyed the structure / narrative of this show-  being that the audience were actually in a Chinese restaurant. Aside from watching some superb and skillful magic from all three performers, the audience was also taken ‘backstage’ as the magicians made witty comments about each other, tried to ‘out-do’ each other in the magical stakes and discussed what to do next.

A personal highlight for me was watching Shoot Ogawa’s flawless silent magic act. Seriously found it hard to believe what my eyes were seeing! Plenty of smooth moves and object transformations had the audience transfixed in wonder. Comedy routines from Simon and Dave impressed and demonstrated their prowess as audience favourites.

Verdict: Undoubtedly one of my festival highlights so far. At the end of the show, I could feel the audience was on the verge of giving these three expertly talented magicians a standing ovation. All my friends thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and it was a great feeling to share some moments of awe with my friends.

This was the final run of that particular show for the festival, however if you do have the opportunity to see performances in the future by Simon Coronel, Shoot Ogawa or Dave Lee then I can’t recommend them highly enough. You won’t regret attending any of their shows. Simon Coronel does have a solo magic show at the Melbourne Magic Festival called ‘Things by Simon’. Check out more information via the link below:

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