Mini Review: ‘Cardistry Cubed’ performed by Lucas Itrawan and Ash Hodgkinson

On a busy Sunday afternoon at the Melbourne Magic Festival, I was pleased to be able to attend a thoroughly entertaining show by “Cardistry” – comprised of two fourteen year old magicians – Lucas Itrawan and Ash Hodgkinson, who are from Sydney. When many fourteen year olds would be spending their school holidays lazing about or watching time slip by at a shopping centre, these two lads have chosen to spend some time in Melbourne entertaining audiences with their card flair and wit. Melbourne audiences were keen to see what “Cardistry” had in store as the theatre was packed! The show opened with a charming piano piece with some wicked card manipulations by Ash Hodgkinson.
Lucas and Ash are also big Rubik’s Cube fans (as alluded to in their show title) and consistently demonstrated their skills with cubes throughout the show. Watching a scrambled Rubik’s cube being solved in under 40 seconds is a feat to be seen! This was a highly interactive show, and the audience members that were chosen to help out were excited to do so. The performers were ever appreciative for assistance from the audience, and for the support from the Melbourne crowd. This show was like a big magic cube party!

VERDICT: This show is suitable for families (children  7+ would likely enjoy the show). I’m sure anyone who watches “Cardistry” will be stunned by the dexterity with which Lucas and Ash are able to handle cards and cubes, and their ability to put on a very entertaining show. If you ever see “Cardistry” appearing near you, then please go and see their show. In addition to being card and cube experts, the lads are polite and truly appreciate the support from audiences and fans. What more could a magic fan want?

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