MICF 2023 review: “Cult Classic” performed by Courtney Crisfield

Courtney Crisfield – image supplied

Courtney Crisfield is passionate about cult classic films…so passionate that her MICF show “Cult Classic” presents like a very entertaining TedTalk on cult classic cinema. Get settled in a comfy seat and (metaphorically) grab a popcorn as Courtney introduces you to her favourite cult classic films (many of which hail from the glorious time known as the 90’s), some well known cult classic films from history and a deep dive into what exactly makes a film a cult classic. Courtney herself is your super friendly, fashionable and very knowledgeable host for this fun foray into cavalcade of cinema cult classics.

Sharing tine between hosting her short films / film trailers on a screen and performing comedy in front of the crowd with various props and quite frankly awesome dance moves, Courtney Crisfield is simply a delight to watch. “Cult Classic” pays homage to not only cult cinema classics but also the nature of the film industry and also some popular cinematic themes (like suspense). “Cult Classic” did progress along at a cracking pace, with Courtney striving to include fun content right up to the last second of show time. My only wish is that this show was feature length as I thoroughly enjoyed every moment – I suspect Courtney would have plenty of material to make a feature length show, for it is clear that her cinematic passion runs deep.

Honestly there is so much to love about this show. Courtney knows how to entertain an audience, win them over / keep them engaged and leave them impressed with a little extra (popcorn) kernel of knowledge too. What more could an audience member want?

VERDICT: Come for the comedy and sprinkling of surprises and stay for the bespoke short films that Courtney has produced for you – “Cult Classic” by Courtney Crisfield won’t be appearing on DVD ** so don’t miss it. Who knows, Courtney Crisfield and her show may become an MICF cult classic of their very own. Five stars *****

“Cult Classic” has one more showing on April 18th at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre. Don’t miss it! Get your tickets here

* Disclaimer: I attended this show as a guest of the producer
**probably not but who knows in this crazy world?!

***** Those who know me well are aware I do not use star ratings on this review blog HOWEVER this being a show about cinema cult classics I feel the need to put on my ‘cinema reviewer hat’ and award a five star rating for this show.


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