MICF 2023 review: “Callum Straford Nails Everything”

Returning Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) performer Callum Straford is back with his boldly titled show “Callum Straford Nails Everything” Don’t be fooled by the title, Callum is NOT here to lead a Ted Talk on how to be the most perfect mistake free human ever…though he does share some hot travel safety tips and party success tips too. Those who have seen Callum perform previously will know that he is an entertaining, affable lad trying to ‘make it’ in the big bad world out there.

Callum is so friendly and treats his audience with such warmth that I’m going to continue referencing him as Callum through this review (even though I don’t personally know him). Callum includes musical numbers in his shows, and this show is no different – his musical talents and snappy on trend lyrics are a treat. “Callum Straford Nails Everything” includes some nostalgic content which was a highlight for me – whether it is the mundane requirements of P.E class or echoes of parties in the past, this show is easy to enjoy. Despite some lofty goals, Callum knows when it is time to ‘bring it in’ (so to speak) and leaves his audience with some valuable life mantras.

VERDICT: “Callum Straford Nails Everything” NAILS IT! It’s a show with witty moments, fun audience interactions and spry observations Enjoyable, energetic, and engaging- you can’t go wrong with Callum’s style of comedy or with this show.

Callum’s MICF 2023 show run has now concluded, however keep a lookout for any future shows that may be on the radar. Callum is one to watch!

*Disclaimer: I attended this performance as a guest of the performer.


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