MMF 2022 Performer Spotlight: Luke Blaze

Luke Blaze and his assistant, Cassie. Photo credit: Leah Soraya

Luke Blaze has quite the online following and growing legion of fans, so I felt very lucky when Luke was able to take time out of his busy performing and rehearsing schedule to sit down with me for an interview! How exciting! Join me and discover more about Luke’s new show “Odyssey”

You’ve performed shows in various places and you’ve now landed at The Melbourne Magic Festival. Why should audiences come and see your show?
I believe audiences should come see my show as I offer a new experience at The Melbourne Magic Festival for both regular and newcomers, being the festival’s first ever illusion show at The Houdini Theatre (Arrow Hub). My show has it all, from grand scale illusions, close up routines and dance numbers. Throughout the show I take people on an ‘Odyssey’ into a world where their imagination can become reality.

Your surname is ‘Blaze’ – is that a Tinder reference or because you like hot things? 
‘Blaze’ definitely comes from me liking hot things, from the general weather to hot sauce on all of my meals… to Tinder – I never had success with Tinder, perhaps it was because I always made the girls disappear….

A popular question I’m asked is how I came up with the name ‘Blaze’ and it came down to this. I wanted a name that would represent my personality on stage, I feel like I’m able to light up a room when I’m on stage with the charisma I share with my audience and so “Blaze the stage” came into mind, I added it to ‘Luke’ and it was quite memorable, “Luke Blaze”, don’t you think?

Your shows are often billed as immersive experiences for audience members. Without giving too much away, what can audiences expect from your show?
My passion lies within the incredible stage illusions however I also enjoy interacting with the audience as I believe magic is experienced better with others, that is why 50% of my show is solely dedicated to getting audience members out of their chairs and up on stage with me to experience the magic right in their own hands and even have a keepsake to take home to remember the show.

What does the Melbourne Magic Festival mean to you?
To me, The Melbourne Magic Festival means family. A bunch of relaxed entertainers, doing their passion all over Melbourne. A lot of magicians tend to have the same reason to perform, to put smiles on other people’s faces. When you attend the festival, you can’t help but feel the genuine love and passion from everyone there.

Who or what influences you and your magic?
Back when I was just 10 years old I saw Cosentino perform on Australia’s Got Talent and straight away I was attached to his style and illusions. Ever since then I have looked up to Cosentino and was lucky enough to be mentored by him. The reason I have continued my journey in magic is because growing up I realised that life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. I noticed a recurring pattern, whenever I would perform for people, whether it was a one minute card trick on the street, or a sixty minute show in a theatre: I had the power to temporarily take people’s problems away. The person on the other side of my magic wasn’t thinking about the bill they had to pay, the partner that recently broke their heart or where their next meal would come from. Rather, I was able to take them into an alternate universe where problems didn’t exist and anything was possible, which is magical within itself.

Sounds like a wonderfully immersive show indeed! If you’re keen to be spellbound by big stage illusions and to be taken away on a special journey of your own, Luke Blaze’s show “Odyssey” runs from July 6th – 7th (7pm each evening) at The Houdini Theatre – Arrow Hub, 488 Swanston St, Melbourne. Tickets are available here.

Luke Blaze’s website:

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