MMF 2022 Performer Spotlight: Davide Kaufmann

Davide Kaufmann – image supplied

Today I say Ciao (Hello)! To Italian born, Melbourne native Davide Kaufmann who is a very busy magician indeed. At this year’s Melbourne Magic Festival, Davide presents 2 family friendly magic shows: “The Great Armando’s Espresso Magic” for younger audiences, and “Once Upon A Time in Milano” for families / suitable for older children. Andiamo allora, let’s learn more.

Describe each show in 3 words:
The Great Armando’s Espresso Magic: high-energy family entertainment
Once Upon A Time in Milano: improv comedy storytelling

What do you enjoy most about entertaining children / families?
I always loved entertaining families. There is something special about the disarming honesty of kids: an adult might make a polite comment, but a child will tell you exactly what they thought about your show. This is why when I see a child coming back to see Armando perform, I know I am doing something right.
After more than twenty years on stage, I have seen how much of a positive impact a show can have on a children’s imagination, especially in this world that doesn’t really have much magic left in it. As a father myself I strive to create a safe space for families, full of magic and stories that can be shared together, which is why even my night show (a more “adult” one) is also 100% family friendly.

Your Italian background is alluded to in both show titles. What made you decide to include your cultural background into your shows?
I used to hide it when I first arrived in Australia ten years ago because I desperately wanted to fit in. Now that I do, and I can proudly call Melbourne my home, I decided to make it my trademark. My accent is real and it’s not going anywhere and people seem to love hearing me talk. This is why I branded myself as “The Italian Magician” owning my italian origin story.

What does The Melbourne Magic Festival mean to you?
The Melbourne Magic festival means a great deal to me. I used to live in Hobart, Tasmania, where I lived and performed for two years. When I moved to Melbourne I found it very hard to start everything again once more. To make matters worse, my then partner broke up with me after ten years together, and I found myself kind-of stranded in a new city. The Melbourne Magic community really helped me a lot and I will always remember how Tim Ellis (our artistic director) took a chance on me, allowing me to perform at the festival for the first time in 2016. I still cherish the feeling of acceptance and love I’ve got from the festival and that was really the turning point for me and the start of my new life in Melbourne.

Melbourne is a city that sure loves its coffee! If you were a coffee, what coffee type or style would you be?
Magic of course! There is a special feeling in ordering a coffee that’s not really on the menu. It’s also a double ristretto, just like me: a coffee made of two halves: Armando and Davide, coexisting in the same cup.

Well, this interview sure has me reaching for my next cup of coffee! If Davide’s shows sound like they match your tastes, please find more information and ticketing links below! Andiamo (let’s go)!

The Great Armando’s Espresso Magic runs from July 5th to July 9th (at 2pm each day) at The Cardini Cabaret – Arrow Hub, 488 Swanston Street, Melbourne. Tickets available here.

Once Upon A Time in Milano runs from July 5th to July 9th (at 7:45pm each evening) at The Slydini Showroom – Arrow Hub, 488 Swanston St, Melbourne. Tickets available here.

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