ADL Fringe 2020 Review: Maho Magic Bar

Maho Magic Bar is billed as a special experience, and that it is. A neon light covered exterior held a room with 4 bars, and a central area decorated with cherry blossoms. With around 6 guests to each bar table, the hour was spent with 4 different Japanese magicians performing feats of magical miracles and card magic right before our eyes taking turns at each table. The magic was smooth, precise and very impressive. A pleasing array of Japanese drinks and spirits were available for purchase, along with a few cute souvenirs.

If that wasn’t enough, a particular highlight was the ‘special orders’ menu where for a mere $10 you could purchase a special experience (that was often solely just for the buyer, though the rest of the bar patrons could watch on). Needless to say, the names of some of these ‘special orders’ were quite coy and on one occasion I received way more than I bargained for! The level of audience participation through the whole event is fairly high – as each magician wants to involve you in their magic – plus the ‘special orders’ mean that extra attention is lavished on the buyer. The host for the evening is fantastic and has quite a few surprising skills himself. He definitely added to the fun and excitement of the evening.

Elements of the ‘special orders’ and much of the magic performed had a Japanese flair, which I very much enjoyed as I have been to Japan and miss the country and its quirks and icons.

VERDICT: Maho Magic Bar was everything I wanted it to be and so much more. The ticket price means this is a premium experience, but whether you’ve been to Japan or not you’re in store for a fascinating and amazing hour of magic. I was genuinely disappointed that I couldn’t return for another serve of fine Japanese magic, alongside some madcap surprise adventures.

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