ADL Fringe 2020 review: “Improbable Deductions” performed by Auslusion

Local Adelaide magic duo Auslusion (Scott Stunz and Jace Wonders) return to the fringe with their detective based magic show “Improbable Deductions”, housed within the beautiful ballroom of Ayers House. I’d seen Auslusion previously a couple of times, however I’d never seen a show quite like this one – where the show was an equal split between a murder mystery and a magic show (all with Auslusion’s signature 1920’s flair of course!) This show had an extra appeal to me as I grew up watching many murder mysteries and classic detectives on TV. I could see that Stunz and Wonders enjoyed playing their roles as magical detectives, questioning members of the audience and selected ‘suspects’ then using their magical powers to help solve the murder mystery. Post all their great detective work, Auslusion went straight into the more ‘traditional’ magical portion of the evening, which was very enjoyable (though that could describe  the entire show). Along the way there were plenty of laughs, some fun pieces of mentalism and some engaging audience participation segments.

Another great aspect of this show is that it’s suitable for families. As soon as murder mysteries are involved, I felt the theme could potentially be a little less exciting for children (or even a bit scary for some) however on the night I attended, there were children in the audience helping to examine ‘evidence’ and busily trying to have their parent chosen to help out on stage. I found ‘Improbable Deductions’ an easy show to watch and enjoy.

VERDICT: A fun magic show with a detective theme, that is easy for the audience to enjoy. It’s clear that Auslsion enjoy their detective roles, and this adds to the enjoyment of the show for their audience. The magical pieces are enjoyable and clever, with audience volunteers looked after. A great show with wide appeal.

*Disclaimer: I attended this show as a Fringe passholder.

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