MMF 2019 Review: “Amazing Danny’s MEGA Magic Show”

I was very excited to attend this daytime magic show for children and families as I don’t often get to see magic shows for children. Amazing Danny must be popular as the theatre was full of very enthusiastic children and their families eagerly awaiting the magic show to begin. Amazing Danny promptly appeared on stage to tell the audience that his regular assistant was unavailable and his tweenage son Hayden was appearing in that role- somewhat reluctantly! This (deliberate) storyline enhanced the show, especially with Hayden’s take on humour and some fun facial expressions when he assisted Amazing Danny in his magic. The dynamic between the two switches in the show – from father / son bonding to some playful taunting to slightly antagonistic (in a good natured way!)

This is a MEGA magic show in that Amazing Danny constantly has pieces of magic to show the audience – some classics of magic are represented plus plenty of fun lighthearted magic to suit the whole family. Judging by the vigour and volume of the responses from the audience, they were having an awesome time throughout the whole show! There were even some squeals of surprise and delight, especially when Amazing Danny’s animal friends were introduced. Audience participation is a must in family magic shows, and Amazing Danny’s show is no exception – with each volunteer receiving a special prize for their efforts on stage. The *ahem* older members of the audience will likely enjoy Amazing Danny’s music choices with some great 90’s dance hits included in some sections (accompanied with some sweet dance moves from Hayden).

VERDICT: a fun, energetic and lighthearted show for the whole family to enjoy.

*Disclaimer: I attended this performance as a guest of the Melbourne Magic Festival


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