MMF 2019 Review: “21 – Magic’s Next Generation”

 Firstly, I need to state how impressive and well presented (and performed) this show was. Comprised of three magicians under the age of 21 – Josh Staley, Prue Spencer and Zeke Butterworth – all former Australian Junior Champions of magic. The show featured acts involving all three performers, plus individual pieces of magic. It was a true shame this was a special “one night only” performance as the show was a delightful evening of magic.

You may think with such young performers that the show may contain “basic” magic or that it wouldn’t be interactive, but you would be very wrong in this case! Many audience volunteers were chosen to help out in fun ways throughout the show, which kept the energy of the room high. Each performer had their own humour style and distinct personality which added to their magical flair. In terms of the magic performed, I won’t spoil too much but there were plenty of surprising moments and even some mysterious predictions in the mix. The audience was even treated to a very magical “product launch” which was intriguing.

Talented beyond their years, if you ever have the chance to see Josh Staley, Prue Spencer or Zeke Butterworth perform please do – it’s clear that the future of magic is in safe hands with these performers.

VERDICT: a highly enjoyable magic show, suitable for families. Keep an eye out for the future of magic as they are certainly the ones to watch!

*Disclaimer: I attended this show as a guest of the Melbourne Magic Festival

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